good wishes

  • jump rope double-Dutch style
  • visit every Caribbean island with a "Saint" in its name
  • own a Mark Cross briefcase
  • keep notebooks in every room of the house so I can jot down thoughts on the spot
  • journey along the Silk Road from China to the Mediterranean
  • have a monkey sit on my shoulder
  • participate in a paint-gun "war"
  • bring up my children to be independent
  • do as in the Rubaiyat and picnic with "a loaf of bread beneath the bough, a flask of wine, a book of verse-and thou"
  • discover and name a chemical element
  • fill my Easter baskets with Godiva chocolate
  • hear Silbo, the whistled language of the Canary Islanders
  • shed my own culture and immerse myself totally in another
  • become a state legislator

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