good wishes

  • be featured, benignly, in Doonesbury
  • leave flowers on the doorstep of a neighbor
  • visit the Flume waterfall in New Hampshire
  • choreograph a pas de deux for my lover and me
  • dabble in mysticism
  • identify what makes a vacation great, then go do it
  • go to an opening night at the Metropolitan Opera, dressed to the nines
  • shine my light on others
  • become a state legislator
  • see wild guanacos in the Andes
  • carry a one-hundred-dollar bill in a secret compartment for emergencies
  • work on an assembly line
  • campaign against strip malls
  • beat the travel writers to a hitherto unheralded destination

buy the book! The Wish List is a quirky and inspirational to-do list meant to plant seeds for new experiences and goals.