• With the bodhisattva vow, you aspire to use your life to awaken in order to help all beings do the same.
  • Once we've begun to see that the self is distinct from its thoughts, its sensations, and its experiences, we start to be less anxious about mortality. As death approaches, we are the witnessing spirit, and because the spirit transcends the body, the witnessing will go with us when we pass away. That notion is the source of all true faith. According to Buddhism, those who have access to that source are the enlightened ones, the Buddhas.
  • If worry forms a background buzz to your thoughts, and fills your mind whenever you're not actively concentrating, it may have become habitual. Sit somewhere quiet and visualize a green layer of algae sitting atop the surface of a pond. Imagine taking a large scoop and skimming the water with it. Gradually the pond becomes clear again. You've discarded all those niggling concerns. You feel pure, light, and focused.
  • Be a mentor to somebody.


Set the timer for a silent meditation that starts and ends with bells.



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