• Reflect over and over again on what makes you human inside. Build on this to gain unwavering trust in your own nature and find your self-confidence.
  • Are you tired after a busy week? Have you been pushing yourself too far? Stop!
  • Try: stopping, sitting down, and becoming aware of your breathing once in a while throughout the day. It can be for five minutes or five seconds. Let go into full acceptance of the present moment, including what you are feeling and what you perceive to be happening. Do not try to change anything at all. Just breathe and let go. Breathe and let be. Die to having to have anything be different in this moment. Give yourself permission to allow this moment to be exactly as it is, and allow yourself to be exactly as you are. When you are ready, move in the direction your heart tells you to go, mindfully and with resolution.
  • True meditation is making everything - coughing, swallowing, waving, movement and stillness, speaking and acting, good and evil, fame and shame, loss and gain, right and wrong - into one single koan. - Hakuin


Set the timer for a silent meditation that starts and ends with bells.



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