kids happy

  • red, white, and blue
  • Grandpa's magic tricks
  • many-legged centipedes
  • punctuation marks
  • doing a talent show
  • Girl Scout cookie time
  • jacks and ball, a yo-yo, tiny teddy bears, a magnifying glass, crayons, a snowstorm in a glass, jump rope, glider planes, paddle balls, little dolls, watercolors and brushes, paper dolls, noise makers, and star stickers
  • going barefoot in grass cropped close as fine baby's hair
  • snuggling together at storytime
  • the result of coming to the right decision
  • playing in autumn leaves
  • the millions of styrofoam wads that accompany mail-order items
  • finding a lost pet
  • orange soda

Things for kids to be happy about is a random list of smiley thoughts. It says to young people: enjoy the moment and look positively toward the future.