karma cabin

  • there is peace in being nobody and having nothing
  • knowledge of your own mortality is the greatest gift God could ever give you
  • enjoy the physical aspects of your day: the softness of a coat, a shower after a brisk walk
  • never anticipate wealth from any source but labor
  • read goofy joke books
  • patronize rural roadside stands
  • be kind to animals
  • support solutions to clean up the world's dumping grounds
  • be quick to do good deeds
  • be money smart
  • relax deeply
  • knowledge of your chakras will help you pinpoint the problem areas of your life and provide a basis for personal growth
  • support politicians who work for prenatal care for all
  • strive to have light in yourself

buy the book! Instant Karma is a universe of things a reader can do, right now, to cultivate good karma. Each is a seemingly little thing that can make life richer and happier.