karma cabin

  • lounge on the couch with your child and "hang out"
  • confront calamity
  • experiment with consciously choosing to miss a meal
  • buy a pair of funny glasses for each member of your family
  • compassion is an awareness and determination that demands action
  • make Thanksgiving dinner for your in-laws
  • invite a neighbor over for an impromptu dinner
  • shed vanity
  • love a thing for its own sake
  • acknowledge the reality of the times
  • accept your mistakes
  • give a back scratch or neck rub
  • don't recline your seat in a crowded airplane
  • help preserve one-room schoolhouses

buy the book! Instant Karma is a universe of things a reader can do, right now, to cultivate good karma. Each is a seemingly little thing that can make life richer and happier.