lexical pursuit

  • magic lantern is a term for the illumination and projection of images first described in A. Kircher "Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae" (1646) and then C. Huygens in 1659 described the projection of images with artificial light rather than sunlight by use of a lanterne magique (French 'magic lantern')
  • sesquihoral means 'lasting an hour and a half'
  • another way of saying multicolored is arcipluvian (literally, like a rainbow)
  • sweet corn is a type considered a vegetable rather than a grain
  • arch can describe any part of a curve
  • to toad-eat is to behave servilely, to fawn over someone; toady is said to be a contraction of toad-eater
  • para- as in paradox, paramedic, paramilitary - means 'distinct from but analogous to'