lexical pursuit

  • the Latin base of implement, implere, means 'fill, fulfill'
  • a gum eraser is a block of gummy, easily crumbled rubber used to erase smudges, pencil marks, and the like esp. from artwork
  • loan translation is the process whereby a compound word or expression is created by literal translation of each of the elements of a compound word or expression in another language, as marriage of convenience from French mariage de convenance.
  • xylophone is from Greek xylo 'wood' and phonos 'sound' as originally it was made of wooden bars
  • sushi in Japanese means 'it is sour'; the su in sushi means 'vinegar' and the one ingredient common to all sushi is vinegared rice
  • minuscule comes from medieval manuscript writing, literally minuscula littera 'somewhat smaller letter'
  • allude can mean 'to play on words' and allusion was once a 'play on words, pun'