lexical pursuit

  • drintling refers to turkeys' clucking noises
  • another way of saying multicolored is arcipluvian (literally, like a rainbow)
  • define comes from de- 'completely, thoroughly' and finire 'finish' and first meant 'bring to an end, settle' - hence, definite
  • nirvana comes from Sanskrit meaning 'be extinguished, be blown out' - and it now means the experience when greed, hatred, and delusion are extinguished and enlightenment gained
  • barrel of laughs has a connection to beer barrels, conducive to merriment
  • white lightning 'illegally distilled whiskey' is an Americanism dating to around 1910
  • etymologically, clammy means 'sticky as if smeared with clay' and comes from the now-obsolete verb clam 'smear, stick' and back further to Germanic klaimaz 'clay'

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