word trivia

  • a nib is a cleaned cocoa bean for the process of chocolate-making
  • moo shu pork is a Chinese dish of stir-fried pork strips with vegetables, rolled in a thin pancake and moo shu is literally 'dish containing scrambled egg'
  • a hank is a flexible loop of material or a skein or coil of rope, thread, or yarn
  • limbate means 'having a border' - especially of a different color
  • cull means 'obtain from a variety of sources or an assortment' and 'select either the best or worst in a batch of something'
  • a bobble is a small ball of wool (etc.) as a decoration on a hat or other knitted clothing
  • ambient light is the light surrounding an environment or subject, esp. in regard to photography and other art work; also called available light, existing light